A Murder of Quality – John le Carré

A Murder of Quality – a murder mystery of sorts by John le Carré set in England some time after the Second World War. An interesting text, that really keeps you anticipating wanting to find put who the murderer actually is. All the characters are introduced and it is one of them, despite the trails leading to others. With that said, it is definitely not one of those predictable mysteries that has features of dramatic irony within, where the readers know who killed who and where and when this happened well before the characters in the novel, and this book differs from that stereotype significantly. When I began reading this book, it was hard for me to keep up with the characters because dependent on which they were with they would either be going by frirs or second names. However, this book is a reasonably quick read, mysteries can be heavy and and lengthy, yet this one is only 180 pages.

I gave this text 3 out of 5 star on Goodreads.

Some quotes worth noting:
“The value of intelligence depends on it’s breading” (16)
“multilateral images of saints were clear in every sad detail of their defacement, wretched figures, their purposes lost, with no eyes to see the changing world” (66)
“For a spy must hunt while he is hunted, and the crowd is his estate.” (96)
“London’s architectural schizophrenia” (126)
“there are some of us… who are nothing, who are so labile that we astound ourselves; we’re the chameleons” (177)


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