The Collector – John Fowles

This book is so messed up. I would not classify this book as a horror novel. The Collector is more of a traumatizing novel, fictional naturally, but really disturbing. Frederick, going by the name Ferdinand in the text, decides to collect a beautiful girl named Miranda, as he used to do with butterflies, gaining a large sum of money that’s lasting him a life time. He is not a pretty man, as Miranda describes in her diary, which is part 2 of the book. The other 3 parts are from the perspective of Fred, and have no separations what so ever. It is as if one is reading a chapter which is some 104 pages long. Not very appealing and could have been written better. However, it is a book that is written if first person all the time, using the first person pronoun “I” all the time. Quite frankly, when Fred is dictating his story, he only uses quotation marks when Miranda is speaking. It is also hard to decide who the protagonist and who the antagonist is. Despite the text being about Frederick, I believe he is the antagonist for he is hurting and going against Miranda. Yet, at the same time, Miranda is also an antagonist towards Fred. It is a never ending struggle for the both of them, and has an unsatisfying and shocking ending for the pair.

I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.


Quotations that stood out while reading:
“I can sense their wild worry.” (117)
“You draw a line and you know at once whether it’s a good or a bad line. But you write a line and it seems true and then you read again later.” (129)
“indulging in wicked vanity” (145)
“You can get away with murder with words.” (159)
“The beautiful sun on the blood-red stems.” (198)
“the most beautiful things are quite independent of money.” (209)
“Sour men and wounded women.” (244)
“But it will be like being a gale of light, after this black hole.” (247)


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