Go Ask Alice – Anonymous

go-ask-aliceGo Ask Alice by an anonymous author is a peculiar book n in first person by a teenage girl of 15, at the start, writing in her diary. It goes through her almost daily struggles in life with school, boys, parents and siblings, friends and foes, and drugs. It is an interesting text to read in one sitting, it is a fairly short text and it is easy to read as it is written with the first person pronoun “I” throughout all. The ending troubles me slightly, I wish it had not ended as it did for the protagonist did seem to be doing well in life with high ambitions and a loving family and (potentially) a boyfriend, this is not explained clearly in the text. Many people may not find this book appealing due to the raised issues the teen has, if one enjoys realistic books over fictional books I recommend this. However, if it is not ones cup of tea then maybe do not read it.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Interesting quotes from the book:
“infinitely small part of an aching humanity” (100)
“my room will be my whole universe” (111)
“is the school actually like a minor galaxy, with a little world for each minority group …” (119)
“jammed with humanity” (148)


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