Alluding friendships to botany

So my mom has a very adventurous friend. She’s been to many countries, met many interesting people and read multiple texts. She recently heard how friendships are like cacti and relationships are like violets.  I’m not disagreeing or agreeing, for to me this depends on the friendship and/or relationship.

Cacti, as already known by so many, do not require as much water to flourish. This is also why it is one of my more preferred plants, it’s the one flower that I can’t kill. With that being said, if a cactus can survive not being watered for a certain time period. I am proud to say that I in fact have such a friendship. This guy and I have a strange background. We went from liking each other to disliking, but we’ve managed to stick through it for 7 years now. Now that’s a cactus kind of friendship. Now since we’re in different schools, we still manage to chat once in a while and it’s as if nothing has changed. The plant of a friendship is watered once in a while and thus it is kept from dieing. Platonic relationships as such are really worth keeping because there is a likelihood of them always being there.

Now on the flip side, there are the kinds of friends that are like the most fragile flowers that need to be watered a certain amount everyday. These are a hustle and can get really annoying after a bit. Sure these friendships are also good to keep, they keep you grounded for the time being. I indeed also have a friend like this. I’ve known her for 6 years, and it’s been rough. After a while it’s as if you begin to depend upon one another and one breaks, or stops giving water to the flower. Friendships like such are harder to keep up, I’m not in favor of such a relationship and am not sure if it is something that can be kept up in the future.

Really when you put your mind to it, friendship and flowers are similar concepts. If you are good at keeping up fragile flowers, your friendships must be gardens. On the flip side, if you are not so good at keeping plants alive, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a garden, it’s just different and more simple.

*Header image taken from Google Images*

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