Smart – Kim Slater

smartSmart was not quite the book that I was expecting when I first picked it up, nonetheless it was still intriguing. The book follows the protagonist Kieran, a 15 year old with special needs. Hence one can say this was a similar text to “The Curious Incident of a dag in the Night Time” where the protagonist also had special needs, yet this is a slightly different situation, where here I feel the protagonist was a little less annoying to read about. It’s a different take on a mystery, alluding different occurrences to paintings, those by Lowry especially. As well as several problems that could be deemed as taboo topics even now in the 21st century that shine through the lines of text.

This 15 year old protagonist embarks on an adventure that not only helps him solve the murder, but also rekindles him with family, and solves an issue the police have been having for quite sometime.

I would recommend this book to readers of any age. However, this text may be more appealing to readers of an older age as the story follows a teenaged boy. It has moments which are very gripping, making it hard to put the book down in fear of missing an unexpected turn of events. An exciting text that leaves you feeling satisfied, despite what was felt before. Thus, despite a not too happy start, the ending is pleasantly rewarding.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads

You can’t trust people but you can trust your notebook. (6)
If something happens to crack your heart, it makes your eyes go dull. (26)
you have to remember that the one person you can truly rely on is yourself (229)


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