High School – a reflection

As an official High School graduate, I find it fitting to write a post regarding my fabulous experience of the best four years of my life. Please catch the sarcasm in that, I hope all my younger family members don’t have to go through what I did. So here it goes.

Friendships; or the kind of relationships that I thought would last

Unless you change schools between Middle and High School, the likelihood of you having the same friends between that period is quite high. As my school is a Kindergarten through 12th grade school, I was able to keep these relationships going. However is that for better or for worse?

My transition from 8th grade to 9th grade was bizarre to say the least, I went from being in a group of I believe five friends, which was pretty chill, I wasn’t complaining, but then most of them left, leaving me with one chick in that friend group, who I was closest with, so again, I wasn’t complaining. I had some other friends in other groups, but as I got into High School, I seemed to have distanced myself from them and gotten closer to this one girl. This was not very beneficial, as I did not notice the other trickling away slowly one by one. This kept on repeating itself each year really. But what used to be a duo, now became a trio.

Do yourself a favor reader, never be in a friendship trio or duo, be in a group of maybe four to five people, it’s defiantly better for your mental health. The reasons for this are quite straight forward really because;
1. the trio is bound to have an outsider – this may not be you now, but I can guarantee that one of you is feeling like that, and it will turn on you in the least expected moment and sitting in libraries reading / snooping on cute guys in the grade above you is never the answer to anything
2. if the trio breaks, there’s likely going to be a 2 and 1 kind of thing going on, which can alternate

However, not all friendships are bound to crash and burn over the course of High School, believe me when I say that I’ve known some people that have really solid friendships.

When it comes to “romantic” relationships, I vote don’t bother. Parties are way more fun when you have no forms of attachment going on.

The workload that seems to never end ft. the teachers that care

The workload does eventually calm down and then you’re hit by preparing for examinations that are described as being the key to your future, and in a sense there’s a seed of truth in that.  Teachers do seem to realize students are struggling and calm down a little once in a while, giving you the opportunity to have a breather. Trust me, these breathers are great.

However, there are also those teachers that appreciate the fact that they kept pushing you to do your best at all times, both in and out of class. I had a French teacher that did this, and I am eternally grateful, because despite not achieving quite the score I was hoping on the overall exam, for the internal work that I submitted was a very pleasing reward in the end.

A few final words

Really, High School isn’t all that bad in the end. Yes, you went through hell and back trying to keep up with dead lines while upholding a balanced sleep schedule and having a decent social life. However, when you go up on stage to receive you diploma, flipping the ribbon on your cap to the left, then tossing it up at the end, you realize that it was all worth your while and you might actually miss all of it.


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