I Am Legend – Richard Matheson

This was a text on my reading list for university, but yet I only read it about a month after I was supposed to. I Am Legend was just not something I would ever reach for, maybe due to it’s science fiction genre and me not really being into that sort of thing it was not a top priority. The protagonist Robert Neville battles through solitary life on Earth as the only human being. Naturally, encountering multiple struggles and mishaps on his path. He is not exactly the easiest character to relate to, as no one shares his experiences. It is however quite easy to emphasize with him.

I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars on Goodreads

I was not that impressed with it. I feel like the start of the text was slightly dull, there was some action at the start, which did set the protagonist on a clear path, however the real issues, for me, started at the appearance of the dog in Neville’s life. The ending was not exactly something that I predicted and was hoping for, and maybe I was a little shocked at the outcome. Overall, it was not necessarily the worst novel that I have read, but more it was just a tedious read making it slightly unappealing.

I do recommend this book to readers that enjoy science fiction and possibly eerie quick reads – as there are engaging segments within and naturally others will engage with the protagonist more than I did.


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