A reflection on the first semester

So I have now been at University for four months, and I think that calls for a reflection.
Has it been a whirlwind of events? Yes. Do I like looking back on them? Again, yes.

Overall thoughts on the whole experience

I realized after a while, that uni was probably the best thing that happened to me. In High School I was so set that university was going to be the hardest thing for me, but here I am after first semester all alive and well and quite eager to go back. Not only has life at university made me more independent, but it has also made me realize that everyone has one or more of those ex best friends that they thought the friendship would last forever with. The people you meet in university are such that most likely are going through the same things that you are, and talking about feelings is usually never too hard anymore.

Naturally, university will be tough, but I think finding the right course and friends makes up for it.

Some tips for times when you need a boost

  1. Black is almost always the answer – be it eyeliner, shoes, jeans, sweater, anything – there is nearly always a way to incorporate black and a bit of edge into your look, it may not be the most welcoming, but everybody does it, I honestly do not think there has been a day that I have missed wearing eyeliner.
  2. Libraries are love – whether it’s because you have a lot of stuff to do, or need peace and quiet, or you just want to see your library bae, libraries are always a go-to for me as I feel like I’m at my most productive there.
  3. Become friends with your flat mates – they may become the close friends that you were missing, or they may become someone that you just have to live with.
  4. Find people on your course that you can talk to – you may like silent study and doing your own thing, but sometimes it’s useful finding someone that’s also on your course in case one of you is in need of information on what you missed during a tutorial. And hey, at least it’s someone to sit next to during a lecture which is always better than being alone.
  5. Rediscover your music taste – yes you may stand strong by what you listen to, but it’s bound to change one day and maybe that’ll happen in uni. Personally, I enjoy finding songs that are good to walk to, and as I have a 20min walk to campus each day, these come in handy.
  6. Vodka may seem like a good idea, but it probably isn’t – regardless, no party is worth missing, just control your intake.

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