The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

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I was in the cinema a while back and the trailer for this film came up. I immediately knew I needed to see it at some point, but felt it necessary to read the novel that it is based on. Before, and after, the trailer, I had seen the paperback here and there, primarily in the “just in” sections they have in book stores, and didn’t really think much of it. But, here I am en-route to Waterstones to pick up two school books for next year and I see that The Girl on the Train is 50% off. So I think, why not, and purchase it.
I dreaded having this book sat on my bookshelf. Seeing it everyday always in the corner of my eye. It looked so new and untouched, and I wanted to read it so badly, but I had told myself that I needed to read Robinson Crusoe. Needless to say, that obviously did not happen as here we are with a review of The Girl on the Train. Oops.

It gripped me from the start. Yes it was a little repetitive, but it got interesting pretty quickly. Yes there were introductions that then led to the rising action, but it passed so quickly it was barely noticeable. I do believe, that there is always that one character that you are not meant to like, or at least that’s how it is with me and the antagonist (sometimes protagonist) Anna. I really do not see why she lives her life the way she does and why she acts the way she does (it is relatively justified but she’s still annoying.) The plot twists and turns between diary entries of three female characters, two of which are in present time (2013), and the third whose entries are one year prior to this. I feel like it takes some time for it to get to the climax, but the build up is a necessary evil. Despite the lengthy build up to the climax, I was nonetheless content with the outcome. In this moment especially, there is not a word that one can miss. As any novel should, after this it undergoes the falling action, where here it became mellow and without the occurrence of any major twists.
Overall, very enjoyable, and still following on my trend of mysteries / thrillers (can you tell I’m starting to have a favorite genre?) A book that I would recommend to many who are just in need of reading something on the go.

This book took me only five days to read, and I honestly do not remember the last time it took such a short period of time for me to finish a novel. For that, and other things, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Quotes from the text;
Life is not a paragraph and death is no parentheses. (22)
Everything she has is secondhand. I want to know how that makes her feel. (56)
I like trains … Trains are wonderful. (60)
I like it out here, it’s cathartic, cleaning, like an ice bath. (69)
I am interested for the first time in ages, in something other than my own misery. (120)
… warm and honeyed … (279)
… so pretty in the daylight but now sinister, each one of them a hiding place. (408)


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