Oh my this book took forever.

Dracula seemed to take me a fair bit of time to read, let’s face it, there is only so many vampire books that I can read in a year. Also, it is not the most comfortable text to hold, there are many pages and the binding was relatively stiff, making it hard to find a comfy reading position. And unfortunately, it is not the most gripping at some points, which could be due to the way it is written, that being the epistolary format, so not a favorite.
Another issue that I had with this book, is that I could not find the climax. It seemed to have a slight rising action at the start, and then a more flat one in the middle, and a relatively steep one at then end, and seems to reach the climax in the last pages of this 454 page book, which can be a little disappointing. This is followed by a rather rapid falling action.

I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, which makes me a little sad, but what are you going to do when you just were not that into the book. I feel like classics could be a hit and miss for some. Some people obsess over them and enjoy every single one, but I personally do not seem to fit into that category. Overall, I would not have read this book had it not been on my reading list for my Victorian Literature course at university.

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Quotes from the text:
It seems the further east you go the more unpunctual are the trains. (3)
… there are bad dreams for those who sleep unwisely. (39)
For life be, after all, only a waitin’ for somethin’ else than what we’re doin’, and death be all the we can rightly depend on. (89)
Remember, my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker. (145)
… Lucy lay in her coffin, strewn with the wild garlic flowers, which sent, throughout the odor of lily and rose, a heavy, overpowering smell into the night. (206)
God does not purchase souls in the wise; and the Devil, though he may purchase, does not keep faith. (367)