The concept of friend-dates

One of my close High School friends visited me not too long ago – and naturally, when people visit, you go all out to plan what to do, and where to eat. Her visit however, got me thinking. Yes, people go on dates with their SOs often enough, and even random first dates are rather common. But you don’t really do that much with friends. I have long wondered why I always seem to just stay in with my friends. Not that staying in is in anyway an issue – it saves money in the long run really. After all, Netflix, store bought drinks, and pizza are cheaper than going out to bars and clubs – even the university ones.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

So friend dates. I feel like I went on maybe just two in my first year of university. Which, when you think about it, is not a lot compared to the number of times we stayed in. I guess if you live together in university housing you see one another enough to not have to go out together. But this year, I intend on changing things up a bit. Since pretty much all of my friends moved out of halls and I was left there, there is, in theory, a greater incentive for us to meet up.

Why do I think they’re important? Well, when it’s great to stay in and do nothing but binge on pizza and shows, why not try something different and meet up in a different setting? I have since gone on one or two, and to me, they offer a different kind of bonding experience between the people you’re with at the time.

Having a change of scenery could even in ways change the friendship, potentially strengthen it a little. And is always a chance to try something new.


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