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The concept of friend-dates

One of my close High School friends visited me not too long ago - and naturally, when people visit, you go all out to plan what to do, and where to eat. Her visit however, got me thinking. Yes, people... Continue Reading →


Happy 2017!

Wishing all of you all the best in the New Year all the way from my reading corner to yours!

Goals for another year of uni

Summer time is coming to a close, so it is time to set some long term goals for another term of uni. So let's grab a drink and let's get cracking. I realized over the summer that there are things... Continue Reading →

A reflection on the first semester

So I have now been at University for four months, and I think that calls for a reflection. Has it been a whirlwind of events? Yes. Do I like looking back on them? Again, yes. Overall thoughts on the whole... Continue Reading →

High School – a reflection

As an official High School graduate, I find it fitting to write a post regarding my fabulous experience of the best four years of my life. Please catch the sarcasm in that, I hope all my younger family members don't... Continue Reading →

Alluding friendships to botany

So my mom has a very adventurous friend. She's been to many countries, met many interesting people and read multiple texts. She recently heard how friendships are like cacti and relationships are like violets.  I'm not disagreeing or agreeing, for... Continue Reading →

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to booksforthemind, where I, the author, will post reviews on books I have read and recommend to people. Naturally, there will be a variety of these and I can only hope that some may suit you. Thanks... Continue Reading →

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