1. How do I keep track of my books?
I use the website Goodreads and I also keep a Book Journal that I got from Moleskine.

2. Why I like Goodreads.
Goodreads gives me many recommendations dependent on the books I have read and want to read, which I was able to input by scrolling through lists in the beginning of the sign-up process. It also gives me the ability to connect with many people, go through the books they have read and want to read, as well as rate the books I have read and place an annual challenge of how many books I want to read that year. It is both a website and an app, therefore allowing me to update on the go.

3. Disclaimer.
Images of books that are shown throughout the posts and pages are taken and edited by me. The main header image is taken from Google images, but I am working on changing that to one that is taken by me. (Yes, I’ve had this blog for like two years now but I’m still not content as to how my bookshelf looks). Furthermore, all reviews are written, and edited by me and I, and I would appreciate minimal negativity on the posts.