Mood Mapping – Dr. Liz Miller

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

– Helen Keller

IMG_1040Psychology is not something that is of great interest to me, or remotely close to anything that I am studying, however it is never a bad idea to read self-help books. After all, nothing bad comes from it.

I picked this book up in early November just as it became more noticeable that the days were getting darker and shorter. Other reasons for picking up such a book included the fact that I generally believed that this text could offer some insights on managing my life more than I already do.

Did this book help me?
Every book has something in it that will somehow change the way you move from that moment. It may not have helped me change my life drastically, but it definitely opened my eyes a little more to why people do what they do under while feeling a certain way. Am I now able to change my mood once I’ve noticed that it’s changed? Yes and no. I know how I can go from feeling down to feeling better and can indeed employ some of those tips in everyday life. Such as if stress hits, why not pick up a book, turn on some calming music, grab a cup of tea or coffee and just take some time for yourself rejuvenating?

Self help books may not exactly may be the best past time books, but they are obviously written for a reason. Either to help people, or to open readers eyes so that they help others. And in a sense, this book has been an eye opener. It made me see the world and how I react to it a little differently, and what can be done to change that. Over the past I have made not too many good choices, and looking back on them is never fun, but I have come to realize, that from these, I have grown and become the person I am today, a new me with a changed and better outlook on situations.

In life you need either inspiration or desperation.

– Anthony Robbins