Consumer Kids – Ed Mayo & Agnes Nairn

Consumer-KidsConsumer Kids: How Big Business is Grooming Our Children for Profit an eye opening text full of statistics that do in fact shock the reader by Chief Executive of Consumer Focus Ed Mayo and academic researcher and writer Dr. Agnes Nairn. This book was given to me by my previous English teacher, now a supervisor for my Extended Essay, to read and use for exactly that purpose – to have something to add to my essay. Since this essay that I have to write is on language in advertising and its influence on teenagers and kids in terms of persuasion, this was indeed the type of book to read. However, this also opened my eyes to the problem of consumerism and children and how it affects their families also. If I were a parent, this would be one book that I would hopefully find and pick up to see what dangers of marketers my kids are facing in the world as they grow up. I recommend this book for anyone that is either interested in what the concept of advertising is doing to the current generation, parents, those interested in persuasion of advertising or advertising as a whole, or simply just as a book too pick up. It is not too long of a read, but it is slightly heavy.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.